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Pediatric Imaging

Our Imaging Services team goes to great lengths to put pediatric patients at ease before and during an X-ray, CT scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan or other imaging tests.

When you arrive for your appointment, your child will meet with a certified Child Life Specialist – a pediatric health care professional who specializes in helping children cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness and medical procedures. Too much movement during an MRI or CT can lead to poor image quality, and the test may have to be done again.

Sometimes, only Mom or Dad can provide the comfort that a child needs. That’s why we allow parents to be in the room for all imaging tests except those that involve anesthesia.

We also invite you to tour our Imaging Services department with your child before their test. Led by our Child Life Specialist, this brief tour is a good way to help your child understand what will happen on the day of their procedure. They can feel the type of tubing that may be attached to them during the test, see the MRI or CT machine – and even practice lying on the equipment.

The Child Life Specialist may use toys or other age-appropriate tools to help keep your child calm before and during their imaging test. These include:

  • Video goggles
    By slipping on these special glasses, patients can watch their favorite movie during an MRI exam. Our Imaging Services department has a large library of popular children’s films to choose from.
  • Mesh tunnel
    Our tunnel mimics the shape of an MRI. Children can climb inside and practice lying still until they feel ready for the actual test.
  • Touch2Play
    This supersized touchscreen computer device has an assortment of games and puzzles to help take a child’s mind off of their imaging test.
  • iPads
    We play Disney and PBS children’s shows to help with positive distraction. We also help your child prepare for their imaging test by playing sounds that they are likely to hear in the procedure room.
  • Light spinners
    These colorful spinning toys can often hold a baby’s interest and keep them still just long enough to capture the needed image.